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Tax Services for Attorneys

It’s 8pm on a Wednesday. You spent the last two weeks going back and forth with your client and an opposing party on an employment dispute. You’ve finally reached an agreement, and everything’s drafted. Now you’re just waiting for your client to send you a signed copy so you can go home. And then it comes to you… TAX. Is my client going to be taxed on his entire settlement? Your heart starts to pound. Let’s face it, a lot of attorneys are afraid of tax, and we can’t blame them. The tax code is complicated, and you don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of your area of expertise AND be a tax dictionary.

We know that you tried to avoid it in law school, but by now you’ve probably realized that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t escape tax entirely. It somehow works its way into so many legal issues, adding anxiety and taking away your precious time.

Our experience working with the tax code allows us to address the tax components of your client matters efficiently, so you can better serve your client, effectively utilize your time, and sleep better at night.  We can handle the tax allocations for a business deal, get tax affairs in order before a bankruptcy filing, act as litigation support, or assist in the tax calculations associated with divorce or a settlement agreement.

We were the (few) nerdy tax kids in law school. Let us help you through the tax issues so that you can practice law better.