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At Lanman Rayne, we focus our energy on three areas of law that all go hand-in hand: Business, tax, and estate planning. Why do we limit ourselves to just these three things? Because these are the three legal services that all small business owners need in order to grow, thrive, and eventually retire.

If you’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades, that’s not us. We believe that by limiting our services to particular areas of law, we are able to excel at what we do and provide the best service to our clients. What if you need something outside of what we provide? We’re connected to attorneys and other professionals in nearly every field and we’re happy to coordinate with them.

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Lanman Rayne Business


Your business is your baby. We get it. We are a small business too. We understand what it’s like to start in a spare bedroom, negotiate financing, and plan for growth; that’s why we love working with businesses. Have a going concern business? An idea for a business? Either way, give us a call and tell us about it. We’re sure to be just as excited as you are!

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Lanman Rayne Tax


Tax doesn’t have to be complicated and scary (and it shouldn’t involve any suspense). Whether you need annual maintenance or a tax rescue, our goal is to take the “scary” out and help you understand the mechanics behind the puzzle. We can’t promise that it’ll be stress-free, but we’ll do our best to make tax more fun than going to the dentist. 

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Lanman Rayne Estate


Planning for your estate can be an emotional process. It requires consideration, thoughtfulness, and patience. We’ll take the time to make sure that we understand your specific goals and advise accordingly. And we’ll be happy to quote you a flat fee so you won’t have to worry about the meter running.

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