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IRS and MRS Representation

Haven’t filed a tax return in years? Receiving tax notices in the mail? The Internal Revenue Service and Maine Revenue Services take unfiled and unpaid tax returns very seriously. They can compound interest and penalties, file tax liens on your home, levy or seize your property, and garnish your wages. Being chased by the IRS can be stressful, but hiding from these problems only makes them worse. The best way to truly resolve these issues is to work through them with a tax attorney.

We can help you straighten out your tax mess and possibly reduce or even eliminate your tax debt. Every client situation is different, and the first step in the process is for us to determine the best strategy to reduce your debt. Our plan of attack may include:

  • Filing an offer in compromise

  • Filing for Innocent Spouse relief

  • Working through a tax lien or levy

  • Assisting in voluntary disclosure

  • Representing you in discussions with the IRS

  • Preparing unfiled tax returns

  • Amending incorrect tax returns

  • Setting up payment plans

Managing the IRS takes experience. We’ve worked with clients who have tax liabilities ranging from $5,000 to $5,000,000 to reduce or eliminate their tax debt.

Many of our clients tell us that they sleep better at night just knowing that they have a lawyer on their side. We’re pretty sure you’ll sleep better, too.