Client Access

Lanman Rayne now has a client portal, called Clio Connect, to make your life easier!  Using Clio Connect, you will be able to access parts of your file that Lanman Rayne makes available to you, comment on documents, upload documents directly to Lanman Rayne, and even receive and pay Lanman Rayne bills. You will need to create an account to take advantage of this feature, but there is no cost associated with creating an account or using Clio Connect.  All you need to do is create a log in and password.  If you haven’t already created a Clio Connect account, you will be prompted to create one the first time Lanman Rayne makes a document or bill available to you.

Pay My Bill Online

Log In to Clio Connect

Accessing Documents

Clio Connect allows you to access documents that Lanman Rayne has made available to you at any time, day or night.  When a document is made available for you to view through Clio Connect, you will receive an email directly from Clio Connect prompting you to log in and view your document.

If you need help with this process, you can find more detailed instructions here.

Commenting on Documents

With Clio Connect you can even comment on documents that Lanman Rayne has made available.  If you have feedback about a contract or a tax return, then this is the perfect place to leave your comment.  

If you need help commenting on a document through Clio Connect, you can find more detailed instructions here.

Uploading Documents

One of the most convenient features of Clio Connect is that it provides you with a secure way to send documents that may contain sensitive data, such as social security numbers, to Lanman Rayne.  You can easily upload your documents by logging in to your Clio Connect account, and Lanman Rayne will receive a notification that the documents are waiting.

If you aren’t sure how to upload documents, you can find more detailed instructions here.

Electronic Billing

Unless other billing arrangements have been made, Lanman Rayne will send all bills to you via Clio Connect.  Once a bill has been sent through Clio Connect, it will be stored like any other document and you will be able to access it at any time.  You can even pay your bill by credit or debit card directly through Clio Connect by clicking on the appropriate link on your bill.  This link will connect you directly to Lanman Rayne's credit card processing page.  Of course, you are not required to pay your bills with a card.  You are always welcome to send paper checks via regular mail.  

If you would like more information about receiving bills through Clio Connect, click here.