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Annual Tax Preparation

There are a lot of benefits to combining your legal and tax services under one roof. It can simplify your life, lower your overall cost for legal and tax work, and provide you with better service.

Businesses have legal issues and tax issues, and they are usually strongly intertwined. In fact, they are usually so intertwined that the legal issues affect the tax issues and the tax issues affect the legal issues. For this reason, a business’s CPA and attorney are often combining forces to accomplish a common goal. At Lanman Rayne, we put all of those services under one roof so that you know your accountant and attorney are on the same page and you don’t have to play intermediary between two offices.

The result? A more efficient use of time (which equals money), less running around for you, and a legal and tax plan that are integrated and thorough. We will make sure that your tax classification makes sense for your business and isn’t causing any legal issues, we’ll make sure that you know how much to pay in quarterly estimates if you have them, and we’ll prepare your annual tax return. All with an eye toward the legal issues that may crop up from time to time. No one likes tax surprises in April; let us help you stay on top of tax.