Who We Are

Who We Are


Lanman Rayne is a boutique law firm led by husband-and-wife team, Jason and Kate Rayne. We take a full-service approach to helping our small business clients, from the start-up phase through succession planning. We always have an eye on the tax issues related to any legal work, and we even prepare tax returns for clients who prefer tax-integrated legal services. Feel free to flip through our site to learn more about how we can help you.

If you’re interested in learning more about our estate planning services, you may find our estateplanninginmaine.com site helpful. There, we’ve compiled some general information about the elements of estate planning and some tips for how to get started.

Jason Rayne

jrayne@lanmanrayne.com LinkedIn

Hi, I’m Jason. I focus on business formations, business transactions, and estate planning, all with an eye toward the tax consequences. Prior to joining Lanman Rayne in 2014, I worked primarily on the tax aspects of business transactions and tax compliance (yup, I did a lot of tax returns). This ground-level experience with tax makes me good at spotting tax issues before they are tax problems. Not sure if your issue is a tax issue or a legal issue? I’m probably your guy.

My favorite thing about working at Lanman Rayne: Working with my wife…? This seems like a trick question.

Kate Rayne

KATE RAYNE, Attorney
krayne@lanmanrayne.com LinkedIn

Hi, I’m Kate, the founding attorney at Lanman Rayne. I advise businesses and individuals on matters pertaining to business law and estate planning. I have first hand experience growing a business (this law firm started in a spare bedroom), and I love working with businesses on the legal and tax aspects of starting, growing, and transitioning.

My favorite thing about working at Lanman Rayne: In our office business casual includes jeans. That’s pretty important.

Jon Wood

JON WOOD, Attorney
jwood@lanmanrayne.com LinkedIn

Hi, I’m Jon, a business and real estate attorney at Lanman Rayne. I work with businesses that are in the start-up phase or that need help with a purchase or sale of assets or real estate. I also work with businesses that need general advising on small projects. I was a small business owner myself (I ran Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and Cinnabon franchises) and have first-hand experience with the day-to-day operations of a small business -- franchise agreements, contracts, leases, you name it.

Fun fact about me: I won the Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perfect Store Award in 2014! It’s hanging on my office wall right next to my diplomas:)